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This is my links page. In my opinion, it showcase's some of the best sites on the internet. If you have any questions or comments or want a page added, contact me at

Help and tutorials

- Really cool site with practically EVERYTHING on HTML. They have a javascript library and a HTML Cheat sheet, which even the best AdvanceWebber could use.

WebDeveloper - There is a ton of information on this site covering all aspects of advanced web pages.

Free Hosting

Tripod - My favorite host (As you can tell) one of the few hosts that lets you program and use CGI, plus they own WebMonkey.

Angelfire - I personally don't use this host, but some of my friends like it.

Search engines

Google - Simply the best search engine.

Metacrawler - If you can't find it on google, Metacrawler will have it.

Cool Internet toys

WebGFX - The generators make text graphics that are web-ready. My logo was created there.

GuiStuff - Awesome site where you can get gui's to make your site look cooler, or use some of the killer tools to enhance your site.

Free Software

AnalogX - A lot of cool software, but SimpleServer is the coolest thing there. It lets you host a web site from your IP address.

Evrsoft - Evrsoft is a really great company. First Page 2000 is my HTML editor of choice and Evrsoft gives it away for free.

Other Stuff

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