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Getting Started with C++

Choosing a Compiler.

The first step to learning C++ is to get yoursef a compiler.
A compiler is a program takes your source code, and converts it to a machine code that the computer can read.

As free compilers go, there are 3 big ones.

Borland C++ Command line tools - This is what I am currently using. Its very east to learn with, since you don't need to worry about projects, or anything. BUT there is no IDE, so you have to type your code in a text editor.

Bloodshed Dev-C++ - What I used before I found Borland's compiler. Loads of people use it since it supports Allegro, a graphics programming library.

Visual C++ Command line - Don't know, since I havn't tried it before.

This guide will be using the Borland C++ compiler, since it is my favorite. It shouldn't be to hard to port it though. Second: Getting Borland C++ Up and running. I'm not going to explain this, but point you over to Borlands site, where they already have.